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Notes for Authors

The review process for all Mustang Journals follows the same stages:

First, the paper is reviewed by an internal reviewer.

Second, the paper is checked (electronically) for plagiarism.

Third, the paper is submitted for 3-4 outside reviewers for content specific evaluation.

 Fourth, the reviewers' comments are forwarded to the author for necessary changes.

The review process typically takes eight to twelve weeks.  This time may be longer outside the academic school year. 

Each of Mustang Journals are published twice a year.  The reviewing process is always ongoing.

Send electronic copies only.  Paper copies will not be considered. 

The paper should be in final form.  The reviewers will not edit a rough draft for you.

Submissions for articles should be between 15-35 double-spaced pages excluding notes/charts/appendix.  Book reviews and pedagogical pieces might be shorter.  Longer articles may also be considered.

For each submission, include (1) a complete copy and (2) a review / blind copy with no author identification.

Name the file with the AUTHOR'S LAST NAME.  For example, if the Author is John Smith and his paper is for the International Journal of Economics and Social Science, the files should be Smith_IJESS.doc  and Smith_IJESS_blind.doc 

Include contact information for all listed authors.

Please email the submission or any questions to the respective editor or to

For all non-legal articles, use this Style Sheet.  For legal articles, we use Harvard Blue Book style of footnotes.

If you do not receive confirmation of your paper in 48 hours, please contact us at


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